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Thanks to our Vendors! | A Quarter Century of Connecting the Drops

Thanks to LADWP, our host and sponsor, who provided the opportunity to celebrate our 25th Anniversary at the beautiful and iconic John Ferraro Building. This historic building was constructed in 1965 and since then has become LEED Gold certified with energy and water efficiency improvements. The location provided stunning views of downtown Los Angeles and was a lovely space to celebrate. The evening came together with the help of many outstanding vendors, our event planner, Debbie Enos, and LADWP staff. We invite you to learn more about the vendors who made our night a success.

Thanks to our vendors!

Chef Emily Anderson of Homegrown Kitchen catered the delicious appetizers, dinner and dessert, made with natural, organic, and authentic ingredients. She finds influence all over the globe for her unique meals. The event was made possible with the help of 3 Little Birds Event Planning, a Southern California based company led by a husband and wife team; Happiest Our's, a black-owned family business created to deliver quality bartending service at a great price; Town and Country, with over 49 years of experience in event rentals; Debbie Enos Events; Inovart Inc. (wood & metal designs); Jessica Franz Photography; and John Barber, Master Glass Artist. Music by Josh Cahill created the perfect ambiance for the evening, Jacobs’ Marketing Team assisted with print material design and LADWP’s print department and facilities teams played an integral role in pulling everything together. Thank you all!

Debbie Enos Events

Debbie Enos may have found a new passion in the planning and styling of events after assisting the Council for Watershed Health in imaging their 25th Anniversary Celebration under the stars and city lights of downtown Los Angeles. From planning, styling, organization, vendor coordination, and event execution, the nighttime event was a spectacular success thanks to the hard work of a diverse team of professionals and vendors.

Debbie comes from a background of business administration, landscape architecture planning, governmental agency leadership and project management. She honed her attention to detail, design, styling, thematic storytelling and events during her prior career with Walt Disney Imagineering. She was mentored by creative giants in the themed entertainment field.

Today, Debbie spends her free time learning about horsemanship to take care of and ride her young OTTB horse, December Skye. Debbie wholeheartedly thanks the Council for Watershed Health for their trust in her to provide them with an event to be proud of and to remember. Congrats to the CWH on your 25 years of Counting the Drops! Contact:

Homegrown Kitchen by Chef Emily Anderson

Chef Emily Anderson is a private chef and business owner based in Los Angeles, California. While she currently splits her time between both LA and Baja Mexico, she's originally from Canada. Emily got her start catering and event planning for restaurants all over Toronto. She’s a warm and nurturing private chef; a self-made woman with her own catering business called Homegrown Kitchen. Chef Emily makes mouth watering meals with natural, organic, and authentic ingredients, finding influence in flavors from all over the globe.

Great-tasting, high-quality food is of utmost importance to Emily. She works hard to ensure that every dish brings a feeling of joy and appreciation for her culinary art. She pulls inspiration for her food from Mexican cuisine, especially since she commutes to Baja California Sur in between cheffing gigs. The Homegrown Kitchen chef found a home in Mexico that has allowed her to continue pursuing her love of global cuisine.

Happiest Ours Bartending

Ryan and Alana sat down and came up with a simple and efficient way to book and provide bartending services to your everyday person. This was when Happiest Ours was born. Happiest Ours is a black-owned family business created to deliver a quality bartending service at a great price. With a simple three-drink menu package, fresh ingredients, Covid-19 ready portable bar, and charismatic bartenders, Happiest Our's is sure to elevate any gathering and give the host time back to enjoy their event.

Common Space Brewery

Common Space Brewery, a local small batch brewery located in Los Angeles, generously donated a variety of beers for the CWH 25th Anniversary event. Their foundational belief is that they all come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences but they share one similar goal: build a brewery, make great beer, and help us all find a Common Space. And they believe that people are more similar than different and beer has the power to help us all find a Common Space. Website:

Jessica Franz Photography

Jessica Franz has her own production company and works as a photographer and screenwriter. “Pictures are a way to remember the moment, so I strive to capture the ones that stand out and see myself as an observer - patiently waiting. Photography is as if you held that piece of someone's life, that very second, in your hand. So I approach every job, session, and connection with that in mind — to create something unique. Whether it's a great composition or emotion, it should transport something we want to look back on and, ideally, becomes a piece of art.” Website:

Event photos:

Music by Josh Cahill

Josh Cahill is a bassist out of Los Angeles who received his BM in Jazz and Commercial Music from California State University, Fullerton in the studio of Luther Hughes. He is a featured upcoming artist for Elrick Basses and has performed alongside Bill Cunliffe, Lewis Nash, and Doc Severinsen. Josh recently traveled to New York to perform in the Jack Rudin Jazz Championship at Jazz at the Lincoln Center hosted by Wynton Marsalis. Accompanied by pianist Matt Yang.

3 Little Birds Event Rentals

3 Little Birds Event Planning is a Southern California based company led by husband and wife team, Jessica and Dustin Rolph, here to help you plan and coordinate a worry-free event that will be memorable, exciting, unique, detailed, and romantic.

Town and Country Stage and Lighting

Town and Country Event Rentals has been providing their clients with the highest quality in event and party rental equipment, along with services that are truly unsurpassed from start to finish since 2005. Town and Country, working with their professional technical staff, provided stage and lighting for the Council for Watershed Health event. Website:

Inovart, Inc

Axel Loperena de la Cruz, is a passionate entrepreneur who can be described as a Renaissance man with interests in a variety of design and artistic endeavors. Born in Aguascalientes, Mexico to a family of educators, Axel first found his own purpose, strength and discipline through both the love of his Grandmother and the sport of Taekwondo. Having participated in the sport at world class level competitions as a member of Team Mexico.

Axel came to the United States in 1999 to explore new creative opportunities and start his own business. During this time, he set out to find his passion which led to him becoming an entrepreneur in graphic design for the fashion industry. Self-taught in the tools of graphic design, sewing, layout, screen-printing and business, Axel turned a garage-size small business into a thriving production and now sample house and specialty printer for companies the likes of Disney, Ed Harding, Musicians, and small businesses.

Today, Axel splits his time between training race horses and his new passion of recycling wood from downed trees and using found metals to create rustic, yet artistic furniture. Through his modest wood mill and forge on the ranch he created and donated the decorative tables for the CWH's 25th Anniversary Celebration. Axel, now a naturalized U.S. citizen, proudly proclaims his work as Made in America, By Immigrant Hands.

For custom rustic wood and metal furniture work or rentals email or text 323-595-2952.

John Barber Glass Artist

In 1973 he founded one of Southern California’s first privately owned glass blowing studios. He continued his research, focusing his interest on the rediscovery of lost techniques which produced the breathtaking glass masterwork of the Art Nouveau period.​Beginning with Erwin Eisch and continuing for over a quarter century, John Barber has researched and utilized techniques of the Masters and in doing so has achieved the status himself.

​In European tradition, an apprenticeship lasts 20 years — in 1992 John Barber at long last earned the right to sit at the Master’s bench.

John Barber is now an accomplished, influential glassblower who has made a living working out of his home-studio on Laguna Canyon Road since 1988. His glass creations—mainly tabletop work ranging from stemware, bowls, vases, and some sculptures—have influenced a generation of new blowers, many of whom have apprenticed under him, including Gavin Heath, Marcus Thesing, Pete Lanigan, and Mike Panetta, among others. Barber and his wife Rebecca also co-founded the Studio Arts Gallery in Laguna Beach five years ago to help support and showcase local artists’ works.

Barber has refused to rest on his laurels by taking his work into the public art realm, such as an installation commissioned by the called Eternal Sunset. He created the work using an ancient glass casting technique known as pate de verre (paste of glass). The 32-foot-long glass mural rests at the hotel’s entrance, depicting a Catalina Island sunset view. The commission also included two 46-inch-tall illuminated urns named Eucalyptus Lanterns, which are placed on pedestals near the resort property’s entrance.

​“There are no shortcuts. You have to develop the skill and technique over a long period of time.

It’s important to learn from others so ultimately you can develop your own unique style...

one that respects your influences without being a slave to them.”

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible!


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