Confirmed Keynote Speakers


Sheila Kuehl

Los Angeles County

Board of Supervisors


Wade Crowfoot

California Natural

Resources Agency

PANEL 1: SEPT. 23, 9am-12pm | PANEL 2: OCT. 15, 9am-12pm | PANEL 3: OCT. 29, 3-5:30pm

Please Note: Registration for each panel is required. A limited number of scholarships and complimentary tickets are available for students and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Please contact for more information.

A Symposium Series on the Benefits of Green Infrastructure - Now Online!

Green infrastructure has the ability to soak up rain and heat (with vegetation) but how do we know if it's soaking up success?

Beginning with the Water Augmentation Study and later Elmer Avenue, Council for Watershed Health (CWH) has built a reputation for leveraging green infrastructure (GI) to slow, spread and sink (or soak up) stormwater where it falls, producing as many benefits as possible, and creating a sustainable landscape ethic in Southern California. CWH has since gathered lessons learned, best practices, and strategies to help inform future project design, implementation, and monitoring strategies. 


Today, significant investments in GI, Nature-Based Solutions and Low Impact Development Best Management Practices (LID BMPs) are being made throughout California and in LA County with its Safe, Clean Water Program (Measure W) and Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Program (Measure A). CWH and its partners recognize the need for common strategies and coordinated efforts to measure the success of GI projects from science-based, ecological, equity-driven and watershed perspectives.


We invite you to join us along with agencies, municipalities, academia, and GI practitioners, as we host our Rain or Shine: Soaking up Success Symposium and provide a forum to: 

>> Examine GI from multiple perspectives

>> Learn how GI benefits are being quantified

>> Share lessons learned to inform future design, implementation, and monitoring



Keynote Speakers

October 15 | Zoom Panel 2

Green Infrastructure - Collaborating & Coordinating with Communities

October 29 | Zoom Panel 3 

Green Infrastructure - Integration & Innovation


Symposium Series Agenda

Panel 1| September 23 | 9am-12pm

>>   Welcome 

Eileen Alduenda, Executive Director, Council for Watershed Health

>>   Panel 1 Discussion - Green Infrastructure - Indices, Metrics, and Monitoring

Yareli Sanchez, Senior Scientist, Doctoral Candidate, Council for Watershed Health

Darla Elswick, PhD, Associate at Council for Watershed Health

Bevin Ashenmiller, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics, Occidental College

Sarah Dirininger, PhD, Senior Researcher, Pacific Institute

Sophie Parker, PhD, Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Mas Dojiri, PhD, Assistant General Manager, L.A. Sanitation & Environment 

Isaac Brown, D. Env., Senior Scientist, Stillwater Sciences

>>   Audience Q&A

>>   Break

>>   Poster Presentations

LA City Biodiversity Index, Michelle Barton, City of Los Angeles


Merced Avenue Greenway, James Powell, Alta Planning + Design

Built for Sustainability, Jennifer Swart, Water Replenishment District

>>   Closing 

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Panel 2 | October 15 | 9am-12pm

>>   Panel 2 Discussion - Green Infrastructure - Collaboration & Coordination with Communities 

>>   Check back for program details.

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Panel 3 | October 29 | 3pm-5:30pm

>>   Panel 3 Discussion - Green Infrastructure - Integration & Innovation

>>   Check back for program details.

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Panel 1 Highlights

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Pictured, left: 2018 State of the LA River Watershed Symposium, Community Engagement panelists. 

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