For Agencies and Electeds

What is WaterTalks for Agencies and Electeds?

WaterTalks for Agencies & Electeds is a no-cost workshop series for public agency staff and elected officials to strengthen integrated watershed management across LA County and equip local leaders with the tools and resources needed to address water-related challenges. This workshop series will be offered virtually in four IRWM subregions in Greater LA County and the Upper Santa Clara River IRWM region. Five community site visits will take place in person.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Local elected officials

  • City managers and municipal staff

  • County commissioners and senior-level staff

  • Senior staff from special districts, water districts, and schools

  • Other civic leaders involved in water and land-use planning within the watershed

What are the workshop topics?

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Where will workshops be offered?

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Now registering for Workshop 1!

During Workshop 1, participants will learn about the systems thinking approach to water and land-use planning in relation to the Integrated Regional Water Management and the Safe Clean Water Programs. Attendees will hear from local government representatives about how these programs have benefitted their constituents and how communities, especially those facing ongoing economic and environmental distress, can be engaged. 

July 7th 10AM - 12PM PST on Zoom

Upper Santa Clara River Expert Panel

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South Bay Workshop 1

May 5th 10AM - 12PM PST on Zoom

South Bay Expert Panel

Upper Los Angeles River Workshop 1

May 16th 1PM-3PM PST on Zoom

Upper LA River Expert Panel

Upper San Gabriel River & Rio Hondo Workshop 1

May 18th 10AM - 12PM PST on Zoom

Upper San Gabriel River & Rio Hondo Expert Panel

Lower San Gabriel River & Lower Los Angeles River Workshop 1

May 18th 1PM-3PM PST on Zoom

Lower San Gabriel River & Lower LA River Expert Panel

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Water Training: Allyship with Tribal Communities

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Upper Santa Clara River Workshop 1

Now registering for the Allyship with Tribal Communities Water Training!
(Open to All Areas) 


Join for this important training led by local indigenous tribal community leaders focused on water. Hosted by Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples and TreePeople.

Past Workshop 1 Recordings:

Next Workshop dates announced soon!


This workshop series is funded by the Department of Water Resources Proposition 1 Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Disadvantaged Communities and Tribal Involvement (DACTI) program.

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