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Sustainable Landscape Resources

Click the titles for downloadable PDFs of our developed maintenance manuels.

(Landscaping) Maintenance Training


CWH provides technical assistance on climate-appropriate landscape design, project planning and maintenance strategies​. 

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Watershed Wise Plant List


CWH developed a comprehensive plant list of native and non-invasive very low water-use plants for use in schools, parks, parkways and medians in the greater Los Angeles Area. This list is referenced by the City of Los Angeles for their River Improvement Overlay Zone and the Los Angeles Unified School District for school sites. 

Click here to view the Watershed Wise Plant List

Native Seeds
Native Seeds

CWH established a cooperative program to provide watershed-specific native propagules for use in restoration and revitalization projects within the watersheds of Southern California. The program promotes water conservation as well as protection and enhancement of the ecological health of native plant populations within Southern California through the use of locally-native plants in landscaping and restoration projects. 

The current incarnation of our initial native seeds effort, SeedLA, can be found here.

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