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#SummerScienceFriday | Summarizing the 2018 Season

With our first #SummerScienceFriday post of the summer, we informed our readers that the LARWMP (LA River Watershed Monitoring Program) sampling season begins and ends with the LA River recreational season, running from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For the last 3 months, our #SummerScienceFriday posts have coincided with our LARWMP sampling season.

Since June 1st, our team has sampled the LA Watershed’s “Safe to Swim” sites 20 times and have posted 13 #SummerScienceFriday’s to inform Angelenos just like you about watershed health. Each week, we have had the privilege not only to monitor the waters and ensure they are safe for recreation, but also to share the watershed science, issues and solutions that are relevant to our local communities. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed communicating this foundational information in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to people of all backgrounds.

With the links and brief summaries below, we hope that our readers will continue to become inspired year-round to practice watershed stewardship. Until next year, thank you to all for tuning in!

  • Overview of the LA River Watershed Monitoring Program (LARWMP)

  • Summer safety tips, including LA Sanitation’s “Los Angeles River Quality Status” tool

  • CWH’s statement of inclusivity and diversity

  • Understanding community science

  • Tools to participate in community science locally

  • Defining “community resilience”

  • The threats of climate change

  • Addressing climate change challenges at the neighborhood level

  • Creating Climate Resilient Neighborhoods” infographic

  • Climate resilience on regional scales

  • Regional climate challenges

  • Some of the current programs & solutions being implemented at the state, county and city levels (LA City)

  • A story map of urban waterways around that world, many of which that were once engineered similarly to the LA River and are now utilizing innovative water management practices

  • A slideshow explaining how water travels to, through and out of the Los Angeles Watershed

  • A home tour of common household items that negatively impact our waterways and sustainable solutions!

  • Regional trash reduction efforts

  • Zero waste solutions for individuals

  • CWH moves out of the Metropolitan Water District building!

  • Understanding the concept of entropy in science

  • Brief overview of the topography, geology, climate, land use and water bodies in the LA River Watershed

  • The urban ecosystem and the value of biodiversity

  • 10 native plants and animals living in LA’s riparian habitats

  • CWH gets trained to be Climate Reality Leaders

Did #SummerScienceFridays make you even more curious about the LA River Watershed? Join us on Thursday, September 27th for a bold discussion as we synthesize the past, present and future of the LA River at the Autry Museum of the American West. Through networking opportunities and engaging discussions, the Symposium will convene elected officials, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, academics, agency scientists and land managers to identify actionable next steps and reinvigorate efforts toward creating a healthy and resilient watershed.

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