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Our Impact

Preserve, Restore and Enhance 

the Region's Watersheds

CWH was founded in 1996 to advance the health and sustainability of our region’s watersheds, rivers, streams and habitats - both in natural areas and urban neighborhoods. 

Promote ecological, social and economic health through science-based research

We envision a Los Angeles region that is a model of sustainable, urban watershed management. The region's watersheds are managed to promote ecological, social, and economic health.

Foster regional landscape ethic

CWH works towards achieving healthier urban environments, and fostering a regional landscape ethic that reduces water use through the planting of native and regionally appropriate vegetation, and developing sustainable landscapes and living laboratories. 

Affect sound watershed planning and management 

CWH believes in promoting more efficient use of stormwater resources, by providing leadership guidance, and assistance to other agencies and organizations to affect sound watershed planning and management. 

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