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Our magazine, WatershedWise has been in circulation for over a decade. The magazine is designed to further facilitate better communication and understanding about the watershed approach to planning and management. The magazine reports on major watershed issues and activities and profiles important agencies and community groups. 

Articles in WatershedWise are drawn from key stakeholders including experts in the fields of ecology, biology, botany, environment science and sustainable landscaping. 

WatershedWise Archive

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In September 2018, we hosted the State of the Los Angeles River Watershed Symposium. The Symposium was supported by the Los Angeles River Watershed Monitoring Program (LARWMP) and served as an opportunity to highlight the wealth of ecological and water quality data collected along the river.


In the latest issue of WatershedWise we highlight the forces that shape ecological health in the LA River Watershed and the perspective of individuals that are working to understand and improve it.

Topics include:

  • Forces Shaping Ecological Health, Wendy Katagi

  • Urbanization: Symptoms and Opportunities, Sophie Parker

  • Promoting Urban Biodiversity within the City of Los Angeles, Isaac Brown

  • Threats to LA Watersheds: Nexus of Fire, Invasive Plants, and Global Warming, Jon E. Keeley

  • Seed LA: Building a Native Seed Bank in Urban Los Angeles, Julie Grist

  • Habitat Restoration at Big Tujunga Wash, Bill Neill

  • Addressing Vulnerability in a Time of Resiliency, Pauline K. Louie

  • Save the Date— Rain or Shine- Soaking Up Success: A Symposium on the Benefits of Green Infrastructure, March 25, 2020

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