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Honoring Felicia Marcus | A Quarter Century of Connecting the Drops

CWH is celebrating 25 years of meaningful work advancing the health and sustainability of our region’s watersheds. At CWH, we work to build consensus and break down silos to affect sound watershed management. Along the way, we cross paths with many exceptional individuals who share this goal and exemplify our founding principles. As we celebrate A Quarter Century of Connecting the Drops, we have chosen to honor two standout watershed champions.

On October 18th, we will honor Felicia Marcus, William C. Landreth Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Water in the West Program, for her long, dynamic career making our region more equitable and water-resilient. Throughout her many roles, she has become known as an adept leader of large institutions who promotes progressive policies and greater public engagement. We invite you to learn more about her robust contributions to our region by scrolling through the slideshow above! We also welcome you to visit our 25th anniversary website and join us for a dinner under the stars as we celebrate 25+ years of collaboration toward healthier watersheds and communities. Hope to see you there!


Felicia Marcus is an attorney who has served in leadership and management positions in the government and non-profit sectors. She is currently the Landreth Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Water in the West Program and is an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. Felicia was most recently Chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board after having served as Regional Administrator of the U.S. EPA Region IX and as head of the Los Angeles Department of Public Works in addition to senior leadership in national non-governmental organizations (NRDC and TPL). She has experience as a private and public interest sector attorney and has worked on issues across the West spanning water supply, water rights, and water quality in addition to experience in other sectors like energy, toxics, and land use. She is also a member of the Water Policy Group, an international network of former and current high level water officials dedicated to assisting developing nations, a Board Member of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, which oversees the bulk electricity transmission grid for the Western US and parts of Canada and Mexico, and is also one of the three US members of the Joint Public Advisory Committee of the North American Commission on Environmental Cooperation in addition to serving of many boards and advisory committees.




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