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Thank You for Joining Us! Schools & Stormwater Symposium Resources

On Thursday May 19th, Council for Watershed Health in partnership with LA County Watershed Coordinators hosted the Schools and Stormwater Symposium: A Multi-benefit Opportunity. Our exciting event highlighted how collaboration between school districts and water agencies can reimagine schoolyards as a site for broader community wellness and change. The Symposium underscores the importance of utilizing schoolyards as viable sites for stormwater project development with multiple community benefits and how to capitalize on the Safe Clean Water Program (Measure W).

Want to jumpstart your own stormwater and green campus projects?

  1. Reach out to one of L.A. County’s 12 watershed coordinators to support your work

  2. OR visit our post-event survey to submit questions

  3. Keep scrolling for Symposium resources!

Recording Access Code: r+4N1.@g


RESOURCES (shared by panelists, facilitators, and attendees):


Thank you again for joining!

Schools & Stormwater Working Group


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