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Los Angeles River Watershed Monitoring Program


The Los Angeles River Watershed Monitoring Program (LARWMP) was developed in 2007 by a group of stakeholders representing major permittees, regulatory and management agencies, and conservation groups. At the time, the majority of monitoring efforts were focused on compliance monitoring, presenting an opportunity to better coordinate ongoing monitoring efforts and promote collaboration between stakeholders of the Los Angeles River. 

Prior to the establishment of the LARWMP, little was known about the baseline condition of streams throughout the Los Angeles River watershed. The LARWMP was conceived as a watershed-scale effort to improve the cost effectiveness, standardization, and coordination of various monitoring efforts in the Los Angeles region. This collaborative approach provides a framework for comprehensive, periodic assessments of watershed health, and creates opportunities to align monitoring efforts with management and public priorities. 


The Los Angeles River watershed is a complex system that fulfills the Los Angeles region's need for flood management, recreation, and natural habitat. We envision the Los Angeles River watershed as a more sustainable system that better ties ecological health to community

well-being. To provide a better understanding of the health of Los Angeles River watershed as an integrated system and how it is changing, the LARWMP generates annual monitoring data.  Yearly monitoring efforts culminate in an annual report. Every five years, annual data is synthesized into a State of the Watershed Report. Have questions or comments on the LARWMP? Submit to our team here.


For a summary of the findings from the most recent LARWMP annual report, click here.  


For data on bacteria at swim and kayak sites from the most recent monitoring season, visit LA Sanitation and Environment's website for more information.


For tips on how to recreate safely in the LA River watershed, click here.

Eaton Canyon Wash
Discover some of the L.A. River Watershed monitoring recreation sites

These participants contributed staff time, laboratory analyses, and funding in a collaborative effort that included representatives from regulated, regulatory, environmental, and research organizations. A majority of the funding was provided by the Cities of Los Angeles and Burbank and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

Sponsoring Agencies and Organizations

City of Burbank
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Flood Control District
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board 
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
U.S. Forest Service 

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