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Celebrating World Water Day: Nature for Water

The sprawling concrete landscape of Los Angeles poses various water challenges, including making it difficult to use local water resources to supply our communities. As the city’s population grows and climate change increases the likelihood of longer droughts, the demand for clean water also increases. By helping to sustain local water supplies, we can also create healthier communities that are greener, offer recreational opportunities, and are home to diverse wildlife. With International World Water Day (WWD) approaching, it is fitting that we turn our attention to water. WWD, held on March 22nd every year, is meant to bring awareness to the water challenges of the 21st century including water scarcity, water pollution, inadequate water supply, and lack of sanitation for people in developing countries. The theme of this year’s WWD is “Nature for Water,” referring to how nature-based solutions can be used to overcome our water challenges.

Since its founding in 1996, the Council for Watershed Health has focused on researching and promoting the use of nature-based solutions to stormwater issues in the Greater Los Angeles area. We work towards improving the health and sustainability of Los Angeles’ natural watersheds because healthy watersheds are essential for healthy communities. Through our science-based research, performance monitoring of green infrastructure projects, and community engagement, we have increased stakeholders’ understanding of the power of water to achieve multiple benefits for our communities and our watersheds. We know the solution to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and mitigate ocean pollution lies in the use of green infrastructure systems that mimics the slow, spread, and sink functions of a natural watershed.

To celebrate water and the WWD “Nature for Water” theme, we’ve put together resources you can use to learn more about Southern California’s water and interactive (and fun!) activities on water conservation.



Nature-based solutions for water

Sustainable Landscaping

  • “Landscaping Lightly” calendar: “Recycle the Rain” and “Love Your Garden Very Mulch” tips for more information and details on improving your garden to absorb water and prevent runoff.

Make your own Green Infrastructure

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