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Looking Forward: Thomas Wong Leads the Way

As the Council for Watershed Health fosters the next generation of future water leaders through its programs and partnerships, we are celebrating the young water leaders shaping the path toward a resilient water future for Los Angeles.

On November 8th, the Council will present Thomas Wong, President of the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board of Directors, with its Next Generation Water Leader Award for his efforts to ensure clean, sustainable and affordable water for current and future residents of his district while championing efforts to engage the community on water issues. Wong’s efforts extend to the local school districts by promoting and supporting educational programs and grants to engage the younger generation and prepare them to become future water leaders.

“I want to ensure we’re bringing water agencies closer to the communities they serve and it’s extremely important we engage young people because they are going to lead the way. They are our greatest ambassadors!” said Wong.

Thomas was elected to the Board of Directors in November 2012 and re-elected in 2016, but his efforts to make an impact in his city have roots in his time on the Monterey Park Environmental Commission. As a commissioner, he championed efforts to help families and businesses save money and live healthier while working tirelessly to raise awareness about local environmental issues to spur community and individual action. At the commission, he participated in efforts to add Sustainability and Healthy Community Elements to the city’s General Plan, advocated for the city’s adoption of a new Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy, supported efforts to create a San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area, and led efforts to adopt and implement a Climate Action Plan to guide the community’s reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Thomas serves as a Board Member for Climate Resolve, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Los Angeles (CACA), Chinese-American Elected Officials (CEO), and the Loyola High School Alumni Association. He also serves as a voting Delegate for the LA County Democratic Party and the California Democratic Party. He is a passionate supporter of progressive causes, civic engagement and leadership development.

Join us on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, as we celebrate another year of impact and the work of water leaders throughout Los Angeles County, at the California Science Center Ecosystems Gallery. We will recognize the leadership of the Honorable Mel Levine, President, LADWP Board of Commissioners, and the next generation of water leaders, Thomas Wong, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board President; David Diaz Avelar, Social Innovation Director at Day One; and open-space champion, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust.

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