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Celebrating our Summer Science Interns

This summer, Occidental College students Jad Eways and Judy (Ya-Hsuan) Lin have literally gotten their feet wet in water quality fieldwork, science research, and science communication during their internship at the Council for Watershed Health. Jad and Judy or (J&J, as we like to call them) have been a key part of our effort to monitor bacteria at swim and kayak sites as part of the Los Angeles River Watershed Monitoring Program (LARWMP). J&J were also two of the key minds behind our Summer Science Initiative, in which they created content for our weekly Summer Science Friday blog posts. Most impressive of all, they completed their own independent research projects aimed at building upon the research questions and data from the LARWMP--ambitious considering they are both only entering the third year of their undergraduate studies.

The work they did matters to CWH, since it will directly affect and strengthen future LARWMP reports and grant proposals. We want to thank them for their hard work in the field and in the office and let them know how much we’ll miss them when they return to school this fall!

Check out Judy and Jad's summer with CWH!


CWH Internship Program - learning by doing!

This program is an extraordinary opportunity to give students the ability to learn about the LA River through our monitoring partnership with The City of Los Angeles, LA Sanitation, Los Angeles County Flood Control District, and the City of Burbank

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