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Green Streets Committee

On June 14th, 2016 The Green Streets Committee (GSC), hosted by LA Sanitation, met at City Hall to present updates of various GI projects. Representative from many key stakeholders were present, including LA Sanitation, Day One, Water Foundation, TreePeople, and Council for Watershed Health. The first presenter, representing LA Sanitation, gave updates on Avalon Alley Network, Broadway Neighborhood Stormwater Greenway Project, and Laurel Canyon Boulevard Green Street Project. Council for Watershed Health argued the importance of community engagement and the collaboration between non-profit partners towards creating green streets. David Diaz from community-based organization Day One El Monte, supported both points while discussing their partnership with CWH while developing complete streets in South El Monte. Day One and CWH were able to use their strengths, community engagement and technical assistance respectively, in their project.

This meeting illuminated the close relationship between different non-profits working on environmental issues in the Los Angeles area. Although partnerships are common, more can be done to collaborate towards common goals, as suggested by CWH Executive Director, Wendy Ramallo. John Tangenberg, Senior GIS Analyst, demonstrated that the Council for Watershed Health is attempting to remedy this through a mapping project that would better inform these organizations of future projects from other organizations. The need for this exemplifies some of the inefficiencies associated with limited information of projects from other similar organizations.

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