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April tip from our Landscaping Lightly calendar

Mulch is a blanket layer of organic or inorganic material applied to the soil surface or around plants to: conserve water, even out temperature, suppress weeds, reduce soil compaction, slowly release nutrients, and increase visual appeal.

Greenwaste mulch includes dried leaves, twigs, dried flowers, etc. that are the result of pruning and landscape management. No need to buy mulch at your local boxscore. Reduce green waste that is hauled off-site to the landfill by shredding your healthy pruning and keep it onsite. Do avoid weeds or insect-rested plant material that can contaminate your mulch

Keep mulch 4" from base of plants to keep them healthy; otherwise, this can harbor harmful insects, bacteria, and water will mold at the plant base leading to death.

Native plants evolved with lean soils DO NOT need fertilizer. Mulch slowly decomposes at the soil surface and releases nutrients at a rate that native plants can absorb.

Mulch can assist with winter cold spells as it decomposes at the soil surface and gives off heat during the decomposition process.

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