#SummerScienceFriday | What’s Up With Your Water, Angelenos?

It doesn’t rain often in Los Angeles and with millions living in Mediterranean conditions, a few might wonder where does all this water come from? Many LA residents don’t know that their water is pumped to the city from places hundreds of miles away because it’s easy to turn on our taps without considering how the water flowing from the faucet got to us or where it may go once it disappears down the drain. A huge portion of LA’s water is imported which is expensive and energy-intensive. LA needs a local water supply as climate change threatens the distant water sources we depend on. This week, we’re going to look at how water gets to the pipes in your home and where that water goes once it’s been used. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to understand that LA’s water resources are a BIG deal, as a large quantity travels across the state, and where we can move toward local, more sustainable water resource practices for a secure regional water future. Note: click on the slideshow to make it bigger and easier to read!