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Strong female team to lead CWH Science

CWH is pleased to announce that Yareli Sanchez and Farrin Richards have joined the CWH science team. Yareli Sanchez will be CWH's Senior Scientist, and Farrin Richards will support the team as a Research Associate. Both Yareli and Farrin join CWH Staff Scientist, Ari Jong to support CWH's science-based work.

Yareli Sanchez has a deep multi-disciplinary understanding of water resource issues, along with strong skills in science communication and stakeholder engagement that are in line with CWH goals and mission. She is receiving her Doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering for UCLA. Her experience includes extensive research on understanding nutrient cycling, greenhouse gas emissions, and plant response to inundation in wetland ecosystems.

To read more on Yareli head to the "Our Team" page of the CWH website.

Farrin Richards started out as a research volunteer for CWH this past winter. She will be joining the team as a research associate helping to upload data for the Avalon Alley North project. Prior to joining the Council, Farrin worked for Our City Forest an urban forestry nonprofit . Farrin graduated from Biola University with a B.S. in Environmental Science. She hopes to go back obtain a Masters degree in the future. Farrin enjoys traveling, baking, birding, and being out in nature.

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