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Environmental Stewards of Elmer Ave

On Saturday, November 12th CWH with partners TreePeople, Graffiti Busters, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Council District 6, LA City Sanitation and partner sponsors Southern California Gas and Scotts MiracleGro, organized a Stewardship day for Elmer Avenue. The purpose of the Stewardship Day was to engage and train Elmer Ave. residents and organizational partners in the care and maintenance of Elmer Ave. bioswales, neighborhood trees, and resident' rain barrels.

The Stewardship Day served as a valuable tool for CWH and partners to re-engage residents to take a leadership role in the stewardship of their green infrastructure to ensure its aesthetic and functional benefits in the long-term. The workshop included techniques for cleaning bioswales and curb inlets, repairing irrigation, rain barrel maintenance, mulching, invasive plant identification and removal, and removing graffiti. In addition, CWH and partners reinforced residents’ knowledge of the value of native and drought-tolerant plantings, stormwater as a local source of water, and the importance of their own green infrastructure in preventing ocean, river, and groundwater pollution.

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