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Our Watershed Coordinators

Council for Watershed Health currently holds two Watershed Coordinator positions
in the Upper Los Angeles River Watershed Area 


Adi Liberman from Environmental Outreach Strategies is the point of contact for projects in the yellow regions.

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Located outside of the ULAR? We encourage you to reach out to your area's watershed coordinator(s). Click this map for a roster.


The Safe, Clean Water Program (SCWP) was established with the passage of Measure W in 2018 by voters in Los Angeles County with the guiding goals of improving water quality, increasing water supply and enhancing communities.


The role of Watershed Coordinators was created as part of the Technical Resources Program to educate and build capacity in communities, connect potential applicants to technical resources, and build inclusion and meaningful engagement in pursuit of SCW Program Goals. Across the nine watershed areas, there are 12 Watershed Coordinators with some watershed areas having more than one Watershed Coordinator based on population size. The Watershed Coordinators for the Upper Los Angeles River Watershed Area are Carlos Moran (Council for Watershed Health), Kristina Kreter (Council for Watershed Health), and Adi Liberman (Environmental Outreach Strategies).

What's the role of a Watershed Coordinator?


Identify parties with project ideas & connect them with the Technical Resources Program

Gather input on community needs that SCWP projects can help fulfill

Solicit and
Support New Projects

Educate the public about SCWP projects and inform them about how to voice input

Looking for more water resources around education, funding, planning tools, and project examples? Visit our ReDesignLA portal.

Learn more about Council for Watershed Health here: 

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Upper Los Angeles River
Watershed Coordination


On this website learn about CWH's Watershed Coordinators, get updates on ULAR events and projects, and connect with us about project ideas.

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Carlos Moran

Kristina Kreter

Carlos Moran,_Watershed Coordinator.jpg
Kristina Kreter Headshot 2023.jpg

Carlos is the point of contact for
projects in the green regions.


Kristina is the point of contact for
projects in the blue regions.


Click on the logo to connect with us. Tell us about your project ideas, share an event, or reach out to learn more about the Safe, Clean Water Program.

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