#SummerScienceFriday | There are FISH in the LA River?


Every Memorial Day, two stretches of the LA River open to the public for recreational uses. The Elysian Valley is in northeast LA and the Sepulveda Basin is in the San Fernando Valley. Recreational uses include walking, kayaking, and even fishing! Despite the river being a concrete channel, it is a hub for wildlife, especially for fish species.



“You can definitely see amazing wildlife out there, from fish breeching to an osprey flying up above…”

– Fernando Gomez, chief ranger for the Mountains and Recreation and Conservation Authority



Fish and the Food Chain


Bioaccumulation is the process in which chemicals become concentrated at levels that are much higher in living cells than in open water. As these chemicals move up through the food chain, they become more concentrated in the organisms that consume them, a process known as biomagnification (2).