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Looking Forward: David Diaz Avelar Builds Communities for a Resilient Tomorrow

We're days away from celebrating the Next Generation of Water Leaders at the Council for Watershed Health’s fall fundraiser and our final honoree is transforming the San Gabriel Valley one green street at a time!

“The entire CWH family is especially excited to be recognizing the accomplishments of David Diaz Avelar,” said Wendy Ramallo, CWH executive director. “David is a true collaborator. His commitment to partnerships as a model of getting work done for the benefit of families is genuine. David walks the talk. His deep knowledge of community health, transportation and education issues made David a perfect match for leading our joint efforts to bring multi-benefit water project opportunities to South El Monte and El Monte. Look no further for a blueprint of success for the next generation of water leaders. The sky is the limit for this young water warrior!”

Since 2014, David has served as a director at Day One, a public health nonprofit organization focusing on youth development, education and creating change in underrepresented communities. Over the course of the last few ​year​s​, David has worked​ on the development of an Advanced Energy Community Plan, the San Gabriel Valley​ Regional Bicycle​ Master Plan, ​the Puente Hills Landfill Park Master Plan, an Urban Greening Toolkit, ​and ​multiple healthy community-related policies and initiatives​ aimed at creating healthier environments in the San Gabriel Valley.

“I'm honored to be considered as a next generation water leader by the Council,” said David Diaz Avelar. “Our communities face multiple inequities, from lack of green infrastructure, safe streets to bike and walk, and higher prevalence of cardiovascular related diseases. Now more than ever it's important to engage community members to ensure we are developing and implementing projects that create multiple benefits. Without engaging young people in the process, we are failing to secure a resilient water future. We need the next generation of water leaders to reflect our diverse communities.“

Inspired by his parents relentless work ethic and the mentorship he received throughout his education encouraged David to be the first one in his family to go to college, pursue a Master's degree, and return to the communities that raised him to make a difference.

David is also a consultant with a local nonprofit, Bike San Gabriel Valley, Investing in Place Board Member, South El Monte Planning Commissioner, former South El Monte Community Services Commissioner and an El Monte Coalition of Latino Professionals member. As an invested resident of the City of South El Monte, he has championed health, literacy, and creating opportunities for the Greater El Monte/South El Monte area.

Join us on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, as we celebrate another year of impact and the work of water leaders throughout Los Angeles County at the California Science Center Ecosystems Gallery. We will recognize the leadership of the Honorable Mel Levine, President, LADWP Board of Commissioners; the next generation of water leaders, Thomas Wong, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board President, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, and David Diaz Avelar.

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