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Looking Forward: LocoL joins the Council for Watershed Health’s Fall Celebration

LocoL - Los Angeles Times Restaurant of the Year and member of LA Original, a program of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development - represents the revolutionary idea that fast food can be wholesome, delicious and sustainable. With quality ingredients and recipes crafted by Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, two innovative and socially conscious chefs, this local Los Angeles restaurant is transforming how we think about fast food. “CWH is excited to partner with LocoL for this event. We have shared values, investing in community and building healthier, sustainable environments for families to work and thrive. And their food is outrageously delicious!” said Wendy Ramallo, CWH Executive Director.

Located in Watts, LocoL embodies the caring attitude the fast food service industry needs. Unlike conventional fast food restaurants, LocoL wants to promote equitable access to healthy, fresh food that the surrounding neighborhoods need at an affordable price. Just as CWH cares about engaging communities in shaping a healthier and equitable water future, LocoL wants to steer underserved communities away from processed foods towards healthier options.

“LocoL is about real fast food made with the ideology, heart and science of a chef,” said Patterson at MAD4, a conference aimed at bringing the cooking community with a social conscience together. Chefs Choi and Patterson hope to use their talents to make change in the food industry and help people make better food choices.

By hiring employees from the surrounding area and offering ethical, living wages, LocoL also makes a conscious effort to invest in the surrounding community. Diversity, health, taste, sustainability and ideological complexity are the qualities setting LocoL apart. Challenging the foundation of fast food and combatting hunger in food deserts with healthy options and investing in the local economy are what make LocoL revolutionary.

Join us for a wonderful night and an extraordinary dinner at our Fall Fundraiser - Looking Forward: Celebrating LA’s Water Future on Wednesday, November 8th at the California Science Center. We look forward to celebrating another year of impact and the work of water leaders throughout Los Angeles County including the work of the Honorable Mel Levine, President, LADWP Board of Commissioners, and the next generation of water leaders, Thomas Wong, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board President; David Diaz Avelar, Social Innovation Director at Day One; and open-space champion, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust.

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