So Long Summer Science Fridays; We’re Looking Forward…

September 22, 2017

Today is the Autumn Equinox, and summer has officially come to an end. We hope you enjoyed our #SummerScienceFriday posts as much as we enjoyed sharing our mission to advance the health and sustainability of our watersheds. Part of our Watershed Connections Science Initiative, this series of posts aimed to inspire readers to learn more about the many ways water impacts the health of our community, the role we all play in environmental stewardship, and to foster an appreciation for our Los Angeles River watershed, which is very much alive. 

The Summer Science Friday series provided simple educational tools to help the public learn more about our urban watershed and their relationship to it. Our series covered a wide range of topics, such as water quality basics in the context of water chemistry and ecosystem health; climate change and what that means for the Greater Los Angeles area looking forward; and the water-energy nexus. As climate change and urban runoff impact our water resources,  becoming better water stewards, conserving water (and thus energy), and advancing sustainable practices such as stormwater capture become more and more relevant actions that people can take on an individual level to make a difference. In a video-blog, our staff shared a fun, interactive activity to make your own green infrastructure and also explained how these sustainable structures clean water in an urban environment. 

Summer Science Fridays focused on bringing the Los Angeles River watershed to life for Angelenos. By identifying species of animals, plants, and insects that live on the river, a deep sense of appreciation can be developed for the life that the river supports. You can connect with your watershed through: